Our Story

Sooraj and Sanjana are two people who believe in making the most of everything. Growing up, their family taught and instilled in them the ideals of sustainability. They studied in a school under the KFI Foundation that promoted a lifestyle of giving back to Mother Nature. Combining the values from home and school enabled them to follow a smart and sustainable lifestyle. Owing to their deep understanding and implementation of this lifestyle, in January 2021, they decided to launch Irida Naturals.

Irida Naturals is a company that sells sustainable homeware and kitchenware. At Irida Naturals, we believe that it is our duty, as a community, to reduce the gaping levels of plastic consumption and disposal. We have found environmentally friendly alternatives to our regular kitchenware and homeware items without compromising on quality or durability. Our products are designed to help you take a step towards the right direction with sustainability. With these mindfully created products, we aim to promote realistically sustainable and smart lifestyles amongst everyone in the long run.

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Irida Naturals

In a few months, we hope to create a community of like minded people. We’d like to use the community to spread awareness and educate larger populations about a different but positive way of life. We want to help people change their mindset and outlook towards sustainability and further a transition in their lives. Our end goal would be to become a carbon neutral company that sells 100% biodegradable products to our customers, essentially doing right by Mother Nature!