About us


Our founders, Sanjana and Sooraj, believe in maximising what they can get even from the littlest things. This is a core philosophy behind their ideas of sustainability and is what led them to create Irida Naturals. 

From when they were young, they were brought up with the notion that being sustainable is a necessary aspect of healing the planet. Having had their early education in a school under the KFI foundation, their values included giving back to Mother Nature from an early age. This, along with the sustainable lifestyle their family led, helped them become environmentally-conscious consumers, and later in 2021, environmentally-conscious founders.

About the company

We at Irida Naturals work with sustainability at the core of our company. It is the main driving force behind why we do what we do. Our values of sustainability are reflected in our philosophy, our designs, and everything else that Irida Naturals is a part of. The 3 Rs - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle - is what we believe through and through, in every step of our manufacturing process and behind the scenes as well!

Rather than looking to force a mass-market change in people’s values overnight, Irida Naturals wants to be the proponent of step-by-step realistic changes that’ll make the transition to a sustainable lifestyle more manageable and less of a burden. Our mission is to become a carbon neutral company in the near future, selling 100% carbon neutral products across many categories and doing right by Mother Earth!

We also believe in giving everyone an equal opportunity, regardless of their background, and are a huge proponent of women's empowerment, being women-owned ourselves.