Never Asked Questions (NAQs)

⦿ What is Wheat straw plastic?
Wheat straw plastic is a smart, sustainable, biodegradable and eco-friendly material that can be used as an alternative to regular plastic. It is BPA and toxin-free. It is made of wheat straw which is a natural by-product of wheat. All our products are made of wheat straw plastic, ensuring they are environmentally friendly. Our products are FDA and SGS approved.


⦿ Do the products have a plastic or ceramic feel?
The products have a blended feel. They are strong, durable, light and long-lasting. They have a smooth finish. 


⦿ Will the products stain?
The products do not stain. However, it is advisable to rinse, wash or clean the products immediately after use to prevent staining.


⦿ Where can I learn about sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle?
Join us once a week to learn more about sustainability through our Sustainable Sundays blog posts!