You’re Helping Us Keep Plastic Dinnerware From Piling Up in Our Landfills

Since launching in January 2021, we’ve saved


Plastic Dinnerware Products and counting.

By replacing everyday plastic dinnerware with sustainable Dinnerware alternatives like Rice Husk, Bamboo Fibre and Wheat Straw, you’re helping us clear the planet of unnecessary plastic!

Since launching in March 2021, we’ve saved

3115 KM

Worth of CO2 Emissions equivalent in Kilometres Driven (Km)



Kgs of CO2 Emissions Every Year

Since launching in March 2021, we’ve saved


Plastic boxes from being used in Packaging

Environmental values 


We craft minimalist kitchenware from earth-friendly materials like rice husk, bamboo fibre, wheat straw and coffee ground, reducing reliance on virgin plastic. Our aim is for you to invest in quality dinnerware and tableware that last and serve multiple purposes for multiple uses, minimizing unnecessary purchases.


Our durable microwave safe, freezer safe and dishwasher safe products empower you to ditch disposables and embrace reusability. With our BuyBack* program, we ensure reusing our pre-owned Irida Naturals products into making new non food contact products. 


We use 100% recyclable or compostable materials and partner with responsible facilities to ensure mindful product end-of-life. We request you to support our initiatives for responsible waste management and plastic pollution reduction, by making sure to find a mindful end-of-life for our products after use.

Social Values

Equality in the workspace 

Equality in the workspace 

Diverse voices, united purpose: Irida Naturals fosters an inclusive team where everyone thrives, regardless of background. We believe in the power of collaboration, where every voice shapes a sustainable future.

Woman empowerment

Woman empowerment

Proudly woman-owned, Irida Naturals empowers women entrepreneurs and champions their leadership within the industry. We invest in the future of women, supporting initiatives that break down barriers and create equal opportunities.

Employment for disabled people

Employment for disabled people

We believe in the potential of every individual, regardless of ability. Irida Naturals offers inclusive employment opportunities for people with disabilities. By fostering an accessible and supportive workplace, we empower people with disabilities to contribute their unique talents.