Why should you buy biodegradable products?

Why should you buy biodegradable products?


Biodegradable is a term that refers to breaking down into natural elements. Without any consideration, everything is biodegradable. However, various products could take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose. To truly be, what’s known as biodegradable, the product must decompose into natural materials fast. 


An awfully sad reality is that non-biodegradable products end up in landfills at the end of their usage. These products take a very long time to decompose. And, they don’t usually decompose fully, but if they do, they leave behind toxic residue. This is hazardous to the health of both humans and nature. 


Biodegradable products are the need of the hour to try and reduce environmental damage or at least prevent any more damage. They are your best bet for a healthy, eco-friendly and clean future. Apart from being easy to dispose of, biodegradable products are also healthier than plastic products, especially when serving or storing food.  Listed below are a few reasons to purchase biodegradable products:


1. Bye-Bye Carbon Emissions (Almost)

During the manufacturing process, the carbon emission for biodegradable products is nearly negligent as opposed to that of petroleum products. Biodegradable products are made of plant-based materials. This ensures that the carbon emission during decomposing is as minimal as can be. 


2. Less Energy= More Production

Petroleum plastics take 65% more energy than biodegradable ones to be produced. The energy consumption during the production process of biodegradable products is significantly low. The production of biodegradable products does not put pressure on non-renewable resources, namely oil. On the other hand, non-biodegradable plastics require  2,00,000 barrels of oil for their production process per day.


3. Easy source of Compost

Since most biodegradable products are made of organic materials, they do not need to be placed in landfills. They can be placed in pits known as compost pits. Once they decompose, they provide heaps of compost. 


4. Become besties with the Environment!

There’s nothing more sustainable, eco-friendly, environmentally acceptable than biodegradable materials. We have spent a large chunk of time misusing nature and the resources offered. The planet is facing awful crises when it comes to the environment. These are small steps we can all take to create a large impact, a positive impact. 


At, Irida Naturals, we believe in a sustainable way of life. We have designed our products in such a way that they are as environmentally friendly as can be at the given moment. We have also designed our packaging in such a way that it’s fully recyclable. We hope you will join us in creating a better world for tomorrow!


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