Sustainable Living on a Budget: Affordable Green Solutions

Sustainable Living on a Budget: Affordable Green Solutions

Sustainable living doesn’t just mean sipping your drinks out of metal straws and using a cotton tote bag on shopping trips. Every little bit helps, but living sustainably is not a fad, it’s a lifestyle. This lifestyle can (and should) be adopted by anyone, regardless of social status, gender, and age. If you find it difficult to transition to an eco-friendly way of life, you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to tell you that going sustainable doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are a few ways for you to slowly switch to a sustainable lifestyle, in a way that doesn’t break the bank!

Your electricity bill doesn’t need to be as high as it is right now.

Changing to household appliances that consume low energy is better for the environment and your wallet. Be mindful of when and how you use electricity, turn off switches when not in use, and switch to low-power alternatives when possible

Do you really need a car when travelling inside the city? 

By now, you’re probably well-versed in how bad car emissions are for the planet. We’re team public transportation all the way. Fewer emissions per person, ridiculously cheap in most cities, and you don’t have to drive. Do you see any downside to that? We don’t!

 Pre-loved clothes may fit you better than their old owners!

Buying clothes second-hand is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and the planet. You’ll be able to save money and snag some classics for yourself while you’re at it, but you can also reduce the damage fast fashion is having on the world by going for some stunning pre-owned clothes!

Your kitchenware needs a sustainable makeover! 

Your current kitchen probably contains a ton of plastics that you’re going to throw away in the near future. Consider changing your kitchenware to environmentally friendly alternatives. They’re not only safe for the planet, but they’re also more durable, better for your health, and don’t burn a hole in your wallet by making you purchase them every other year. 

You’re probably using way more water than you actually need.

Water is one of the most precious resources we have but most people don’t realize it because it is abundant. Save it whenever you can, because there might be one day when you’ll really need it. Showers are fun, but let’s cut them short - Mother Earth really needs us to!

The 3 R’s still are the kings of sustainability. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This is what everyone thinks about when thinking about being sustainable - and not without reason! Reducing the stuff to bare basics and stuff that we really need lifts a massive burden off of our wallets and trash cans. Getting reusable items such as bottles, grocery bags, and containers might seem like a hefty investment at first, but they pay off in a big way. Not everything can be reused, so let’s recycle and help keep the trash off our streets!

One more way to be sustainable is to switch to more eco-friendly kitchenware and homeware alternatives. Bamboo and wheat straw among many other materials are great alternatives to plastic, paper and the like. While these products are reusable and recyclable, their best characteristics are their strength, flexibility, durability, and ability to be used for a long time. They’re also safer than current kitchenware materials like plastic, which can lead to harmful chemicals mixing with your food. Using them for a long time means that you don’t have to keep buying kitchenware over and over again, helping you keep your wallet safe!

Moving on to sustainable kitchenware and homeware is really simple today! You can switch right away, courtesy of us at Irida Naturals. We want to overhaul the way the kitchen works, starting from the very beginning. With a focus on practical, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing products, we want you to kick off your journey to save the planet starting from your own kitchen!

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