Practicing Sustainability for Improved Mental Wellbeing

Practicing Sustainability for Improved Mental Wellbeing


Have you observed how you feel after taking a walk in nature? The feeling of being outdoors basked in sunshine? We often take for granted the goodness that Mother Nature showers us with. Being inclusive of the environment allows for a lifestyle filled with peace, happiness and a sense of overall wellbeing. Keeping a check on our physical health is important, however we must not oversee our mental health. Today, it is easy to get stuck in this web of life. Hence, it is necessary to implement practices that boost our mental wellness to lead a fulfilled life.


Speaking of mental health, practicing sustainability and indulging in eco-friendly methods has proven cognitive benefits on our health. Adopting a lifestyle that is eco-friendly connects you to your inner child, leading to a stress free life. Several studies have found that being one with nature helps individuals connect on a deeper level, decreasing anxiety and depression. For certain, it paves way to a better quality of life. While doing so, you not only help yourself but also help conserve natural resources thereby reducing climate change.  


Luckily, at present there are more ways than one to transition to a greener lifestyle. Many companies are becoming conscious about their impact on the environment. The results of this are sustainable products that benefit the planet and navigate us to a more meaningful life.  Let’s now explore why being in tune with nature improves our mental wellness.


  1. Promotes mindfulness:Eco-consciousness is a practice that makes you think about what you consume and how you consume it. Living a sustainable life influences you to take charge of your actions and be responsible for your daily activities that impact the environment. When we are aware of the influence we have on the planet, we follow a more positive approach to life in general. Being in touch with the surroundings and developing a clear conscience to focus on things other than ourselves inculcates mindful living. For example, carrying a reusable straw while going out for a meal rather than using a plastic straw to minimize plastic waste. This practice will make you feel good because you don’t contribute to polluting the ocean and harming marine creatures.


  1. Builds a sense of purpose:Many times we are lost in search of our life purpose. Going green enhances self-confidence and self-esteem. Social and environmental factors contribute to the development of sound mental health. As humans, we rely on the Earth for a livelihood and it is our duty to safeguard it for the future generations. Therefore, it is fulfilling to know that you are doing your part in saving the planet. Embracing a sustainable lifestyle results in a lighter mood that allows other aspects of life to flow smoothly. For example, you feel empowered by educating people about the benefits of going green. Leading by example and making the right decisions to stay eco-friendly inspires the people around you, thereby stimulating positive emotions in you. 


  1. Reduces chances of developing stress-related disorders:Living amongst nature and greenery enhances emotional wellbeing. Children who grow up in green spaces have better cognitive processes as compared to those who don’t. Parents can nurture and nourish their homes by being eco-friendly. In this manner, children are less likely to experience neurotic disorders that can disrupt their early years of childhood. Studies prove that encouraging a green lifestyle increases attention restoration and improves concentration levels. For children and adults alike, a sustainable lifestyle leads to better stress management and tasks are achieved easily with focus. For example, having a little vegetable garden in the balcony and watching them grow allows children to be considerate and caring.


  1. Embraces simplicity:Being eco-conscious means living a minimal lifestyle. It’s about living a simple life by consuming less. This in turn leads to demanding less and wasting less. Creating a simple lifestyle will make life easier and can impact your mental health positively. It helps in connecting with yourself and staying in control of your emotions. Our mind becomes clear and also creates a sense of belonging to the planet. For example, shop for quality over quantity that guarantees you a longer shelf life than a fancy product.



The human mind has clear benefits of practicing sustainability and living in an eco-friendly environment. It is certain that leading a sustainable life is physically healthy for us, but let’s not forget that it has psychological benefits too. Experiencing happiness, a state of calm and satisfaction are feelings that are crucial for our development as social beings. We require these factors to thrive and enjoy life by stimulating our mind to perform at its full potential. Making efforts towards going green will drastically improve your mood leaving you with a sense of accomplishment.


Even the smallest environmentally responsible act goes a long way in helping our planet. While it does well for our soul, remember that every action counts, so take charge and start today. Being eco-conscious can have a positive impact on your loved ones too and it’s never too late to begin your sustainable journey.


Let’s conclude with a quote by the beloved David Attenborough that will inspire us to live more consciously. “It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.” 


So, make life worth living! 


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