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Rice Husk Sipper Cup - 375 ml

Rice Husk Sipper Cup - 375 ml

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Join the sustainability movement with our rice husk sipper cups! These cups are crafted from natural and renewable rice husks and are a conscious choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. And with their sleek and chic design, they're also a fashionable accessory for your favourite drinks.

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1.Is Rice Husk Dinnerware safe to use?

Yes, Rice Husk dinnerware is generally considered safe to use. It is a natural and recyclable material, and is 100% BPA and toxin FREE.

2. Can Rice Husk dinnerware be used in the microwave or dishwasher?

Rice Husk dinnerware is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. All our Rice Husk dinnerware can be used in the microwave for reheating food purposes for up to 75-90 seconds and is 100% top-shelf dishwasher safe.

3. Does rice husk kitchenware absorb odours or flavours?

No, rice husk kitchenware is resistant to absorbing odours or flavours.

4. Can rice husk kitchenware be used for both hot and cold foods?

Yes, rice husk kitchenware can be used for both hot and cold foods.

5. How long does rice husk kitchenware last?

Our Rice Husk dinnerware is reusable. The lifespan of rice husk kitchenware can vary depending on factors such as usage, care, and quality.With proper care, rice husk kitchenware can last for up to 3-5 years.

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